The Electric Dudes& CO.



Dudes Rock MSG?

Actually - Candle Business Systems

Annual NYC Sales Extravaganza                              


Joe                            Dave                       Sharon, Joe, Emmet & Pete

Emmet & The Dudes Playing Annual Columbus Day Fireman's Fair (& Co.) girlbndf.jpg (476172 bytes)

Pete Cruising                                                       Who-Dude Summer Cruise    


Three's Company at Fireman's Fair- 2001                                 Alec (Slash)                      

Patti (3's Company) Performing with Dudes at Who-Ville                                                             Emmet, Deb & Kids

 Dave & Sharon New Year's Eve - The Full Martini    2004                       The Acoustic Dudes Perform at Vanderbilt  Castle 2001  

Mike & Victoria             

Changing Times  Pub - 2001

                                Convertible- Dudes

Asti The Crew New Year's                                        

   Are We Having Fun Yet?